Hillary Clinton along with husband Bill Clinton were part of the Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade yesterday. Interestingly, she seems to be wearing identical glasses to the type she wore during her infamous fainting episode during the September 11th memorial last year in New York City.

And those aren’t any glasses. Some experts believe they are blue lances used by epileptics to prevent seizures. Such patients typically wear the Zeiss ZI blue lenses as they are known to treat problems of photosensitive epilepsy.

It was a rainy day, and no one else seems to be wearing sunglasses except for Hillary.

People instantly noticed her glasses:

Back in 2016, top conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh discussed Hillary’s health problems and noted what her glasses are for:

Now, I thought, frankly, water was something you couldn’t do without and stay alive, but… (interruption) “Maybe she likes hot sauce.” Maybe she’s a vampire, maybe she’s one of those bloodsuckers out there that doesn’t need water. Do we ever really see her in the daytime? Look what happened to her in the daytime. We saw her in the daytime on Sunday 9/11 thing; look what happened. Sunglasses. By the way, those sunglasses?

Have you seen those dark blue shades? Here’s another thing. You know, you can’t stop this stuff from happening. You get all these supposed experts out there, and many of them doctors, are weighing in. Apparently, because the sunglasses are so ugly (I mean, there’s nothing fashionable about them) some experts are saying that they’re anti-seizure sunglasses. They work by restricting certain frequencies of light, and so they block out certain colors of the spectrum, and that ostensibly helped with seizures.

Whatever, it didn’t look good. She was the only one wearing shades in any picture that you saw that was a group photo. Clinton himself in this bite doesn’t sound all that strong! Did you hear his voice? You know, I have bouts of hoarseness. I mean, I’m the first to admit it. Can’t hide it, don’t try to. But listen to the next bite. This is Charlie Rose saying, “Well, is what happened is she got dehydrated? ‘Cause when you look at her collapse…”

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, many questions were raised about Hillary Clinton’s health problems. It became clear after her fainting, inability to climb stairs, and frequently coughing spells that her health was far worse than she admitted.

Is Hillary's health worse than she told the American people?

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