Howard Stern: Hillary Clinton Could Have Won if She Came On My Show

Shock jock radio legend Howard Stern says the 2016 presidential election could have turned out differently if Hillary Clinton would have came on his show.

During an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” Tuesday, Stern said Clinton had a problem relating to the average voter and could have been humanized if she would have been interviewed by him.

“I thought that if I did an interview with Hillary, … she would reach a new audience,” Stern said.

Stern noted his audience spanned 66 million potential listeners and the election came down to less than 80,000 votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where his show has a sizable audience.

“What if Hillary had come on and, forget politics for a second, but what if we could have talked about her humanity, why she got into public service?” Stern asked Colbert.

“Here is a woman who dedicated her whole life to public service,” Stern continued. “What was her life like as a little girl growing up? What was her romance with Bill Clinton? What was she thinking when she was secretary of state? What was she thinking when she was the first lady? Was she saying to herself, ‘I wish I could be president,’ or was she satisfied with that? There were a million questions I could have asked her that I think would have humanized her.”

Stern also said he doesn’t think Donald Trump actually wanted to win.

“I don’t think he wanted to be the president. I knew him,” Stern said to Colbert. “He had a great life at Mar-a-Lago. He was running around town. He played golf. He had a good time.”

Stern has been making publicity appearances for his new book “Howard Comes Again.” Earlier this month, he told Hollywood Reporter that he likes the president personally, but they do have political disagreements.

“There’s a part of me that really likes Donald, but I just don’t agree politically,” he said.

Whether or not Clinton could have benefitted from appearing on Stern’s show in 2016 is anyone’s guess, but the legendary radio host is right about one thing: Hillary Clinton’s likability factor was horrendous.

A lot of people didn’t like Hillary on a personal level, even many who voted for her. Maybe Howard could have helped?

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