During her time on the campaign trail in 2016, failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had no shortage of legitimate health concerns. There were cases when it appeared she could have been having a seizure, with her head randomly violently bobbing (though she was most likely joking in this instance). There were others when she’d randomly black out and lose her train of thought during a speech, and, in what’s a perfect metaphor for her campaign, stumbled and collapsed two months before the election.

While Hillary will never shut up about not being President, she will continue making public statements confirming that she wasn’t the right choice anyway. Speaking before an audience at an American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union event, Hillary began her speech by telling everyone how tired she was. “Well, I’ll tell you,” Hillary said, “I’ve been back there listening to Randi (Weingarten) and I’m so exhausted, I can barely stand here.” Randi Weingarten is the President of the AFT.

The majority of AFT members are liberal, so Hillary used the platform to then complain further about her 2016 loss to a receptive audience. “I believe with all my heart that the test of any society is how we treat the most vulnerable among us, particularly our youngest, our oldest, our people with disabilities, and right now, my friends, our country is failing that test,” she said. “We have never seen such organized cruelty, disdain and contempt for those values,” she said, citing child separations at the border (that she publicly supported in 2014).

She then went on to bemoan how Republicans are “ripping out the heart of America,” and in actuality proceeded to describe the Left’s playbook verbatim. “They want to turn us against each other,” she said. “They want to divide and conquer. Fundamental rights, civic virtue, even facts, reason, and evidence are under assault.” Sorry Hillary, but the only people trying to turn Americans against each-other are those on your side. It’s not people on the Right facilely branding everyone who disagrees with them a “Nazi.”

At this rate, history is only going to remember Hillary Clinton as its biggest sore loser… and I’m alright with that.

While Hillary clearly is bitter over her historic loss in 2016, her comments about being barely able to stand up suggest that her health truly is declining. America deserved a president that can handle the job 24/7 and Hillary clearly was not up for that task.

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