Could Hillary Be Charged With a Crime? This Judge Thinks So


Judge Andrew Napolitano stated that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be charged with a crime if her personal e-mail account was used to exchange or disseminate classified information.

A New York Times report indicates that for her entire tenure at the State Department, Clinton kept all of her e-mails off the books using a private e-mail account to conduct government business. Doing so is a violation of federal requirements that all officials’ correspondence be retained as part of the agency’s record.

Numerous officials and government watchdogs have referred to Clinton’s use of private e-mail as a “serious breach.”

Napolitano claims that if Clinton gave out classified information in those e-mails — a near certainty if this was her lone e-mail account during her tenure — she could be charged in the same manner that General David Petraeus has been for the improper handling of classified materials.

Napolitano states that while Clinton had taken an oath to uphold the law as Secretary of State, she “knowingly violated the law.”

She committed a crime, and while doing so knew full-well that she had committed a crime.

Watch Napolitano’s analysis below …

Can you possibly foresee a scenario in which Hillary Clinton would be charged for this crime, exactly as General Petraeus was?

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