Hillary Campaigning in Massachusetts: Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

Democrat Martha Coakley is known nationally for losing to Scott Brown in the US Senate in 2010 to fill the seat previously held by Ted Kennedy. Currently, Coakley is running for Governor of the traditionally deep blue state. She is trailing Republican Charlie Baker in the polls by 9 points.

Desperate for a win in what appears will be a very poor election cycle for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton went to Massachusetts this weekend to rally supporters for Coakley. Hillary spoke some words which don’t seem to be in step with entrepreneurship or the American way of life and may come back to haunt her later.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that, uh, you know, that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

Elizabeth Warren is seen as a possible Democratic contender for President in 2016. Often seen as the darling of Progressivism, Warren, is known for her faux claims of being a Native American, also has a history of being anti business.  President Obama ripped of his “You didn’t build it” narrative from Warren. Perhaps Hillary is attempting to charm Warren’s base in her home state in preparation for the 2016 primary.

Do you believe businesses create jobs or are jobs created by the government?

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