Hillary and Colbert Help Start ‘Lock Him Up’ Chant Directed at President Trump

On Monday night, left-wing late-night host Stephen Colbert invited Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea on his television show, where he took multiple shots at President Trump including pretending they were living in an “alternate timeline” where President Hillary Clinton was a reality.

“These are big fans of the alternate timeline we’re not living in,” said Colbert in reference to his audience that was giddy over the Clintons.

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‘Lock Him Up’

Mrs. Clinton and her daughter were on Colbert’s show to promote their new book, but the host quickly shifted the conversation to the President’s possible impeachment over a phone call with Ukraine’s president.

“I want to talk about your new book, ‘The Book of Gutsy Women,” said Colbert, before adding, “and we’re going to do that in just a minute, I promise you.”

Hillary just laughed. “Your fault for coming on Ukraine week,” added Colbert. Clinton laughed even harder.

“We learned about the Trump-Ukraine call, the private server,” said Colbert. “Is it time to, dare I say, ‘Lock Him Up?’”

Colbert’s audience exploded in applause, and began chanting “Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!”

“What do you make of it?” Colbert asked Clinton.

Clinton Responds

“So, here we are, and we have started an impeachment inquiry, which will look at the evidence, and I think that’s exactly what should be done,” Clinton said. “I believe strongly that this particular incident has had such a huge impact because we’ve known for a long time that he was a corrupt businessman who cheated people, and we’ve known that he and his campaign asked for aid from Russia. We’ve known that.”

“But to see him in the Office of the President, putting his own personal and political interests ahead of the national security of our country, just pierced through whatever confusion or denial people had,” she continued. “And at that point, Speaker Pelosi rightly said this is something we have to investigate. And that’s what’s going on.”

After the audience applauded for Mrs. Clinton, Colbert admitted he was never a big “impeach him fan,” but “when someone is clearly using the office that they’re in to subvert the ballot box, to use by corrupt means, influence from other countries to maintain their office, what good is the ballot box at that point in time?”

Neither one of them noted that this was the same Hillary Clinton whose campaign paid for the unverified Steele Dossier that led to the Trump-Russian “collusion” conspiracy theory, which the Mueller Report debunked. Neither did they mention the alleged scandal coming from Joe Biden’s camp involving Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and Hunter Biden.

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The Insufferable Liberals Were Relentless in Their Trump-Bashing

Instead, they just kept digging at Trump, acting as if the Democrats can do no wrong.

“How many times when you were secretary of state did you have to say to Obama, ‘You can’t extort foreign countries to get dirt on your political enemies?’” Colbert asked.

“Yeah, that never happened,” responded a laughing Hillary.

This is what passes for late night “entertainment” these days: Pure left-wing propaganda disguised as a comedy show that mocks millions of Americans who happen to be conservative.

And they wonder why Donald Trump won in the first place?

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