Hillary Accuses Rep Tulsi Gabbard of Trying to Rig Election for the Russians

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is pushing a wild conspiracy theory that Russians are “grooming” Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in an attempt to rig the 2020 election.

The fact that a woman [Hillary] who conspired with her campaign and the media to blatantly steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders in 2016 is accusing somebody else of rigging an election is beyond the pale.

Adding in ghosts of Russian election meddling into your Alex Jones-level conspiracy theory is rich.

In an appearance on Campaign HQ, a podcast hosted by David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s campaign manager in 2008, Clinton spouted off about Russia grooming Gabbard for a third-party run, even going so far as to call the military veteran a Russian “agent.”

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Gabbard a Russian Agent?

Clinton’s deranged comments show that she clearly suffers from 2016 election PTSD, and the entire Democratic Party consists of unhinged conspiracy theorists, starting at the very top.

“They are also going to do third party again,” Clinton alleged without evidence. “I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate.”

That person is Gabbard, though she declined to reference her by name.

“She is a favorite of the Russians,” she continued. “They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she is also a Russian asset.”

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Coordinating With the Media?

If there was any ambiguity as to who Clinton was referencing in the interview it was quickly put to rest when Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill responded to questions saying, “If the nesting doll fits.”

So now it’s not just Trump that Russians are using to defeat the Clintons and/or the Democrat party, it’s other Democrats.

Clinton’s wild ideas didn’t pop up out of thin air. The New York Times pushed the conspiracy theory in a column on October 12th.

“She [Gabbard] is now injecting a bit of chaos into her own party’s primary race, threatening to boycott that debate to protest what she sees as a ‘rigging’ of the 2020 election,” the Times wrote.

“That’s left some Democrats wondering what, exactly, she is up to in the race, while others worry about supportive signs from online bot activity and the Russian news media.”

Lo and behold, Hillary herself is pushing the same notion just days later. Odd how the media and top Democrats always have the same wild Russia collusion theories, isn’t it?

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Gabbard Isn’t a Russian Asset – She’s Just Too Center-Left For Hillary

Why is Hillary smearing Gabbard? It’s not because she’s a Russian asset, it’s that she may be the only Democrat in the presidential field to not fall victim to far-left lunacy currently permeating the party.

She has taken Joe Biden to task over the Ukraine controversy, in which the former Vice President pressured that nation’s officials to fire its top prosecutor who was looking into a Ukrainian gas company in which Biden’s son Hunter sat on the board.

She has dismissed talk of impeachments and witchhunts saying the process “would be terribly divisive for the country at a time when we are already extremely divided.”

Aside from Clinton and the Times colluding to besmirch Gabbard’s reputation, a recent undercover video has shown that leadership at CNN is intentionally trying to squash her candidacy.

“They don’t like Tulsi,” CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra, says of his own network. “They don’t like Tulsi Gabbard.”

Neither does Hillary apparently, making her probably the most reasonable choice coming from the entire Democrat party this election cycle.

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