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‘They’re pro-Warren for now’

Poarch used his camera to capture a discussion with CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra.

“I think they like Warren a lot,” said Sierra. “They’re pro-Warren for now.”


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Also on the video is CNN’s senior justice correspondent, Evan Perez, saying that Joe Biden “has a problem, because his son was trading in his name.”

“It looks bad, it smells bad. … How do you go and say, ‘President Trump is the problem, get him out of here’ and convict him when your son is doing the same s***?” Perez can be heard saying.

Sierra even admitted CNN doesn’t necessarily treat fairly candidates like Amy Klobuchar or Andrew Yang.

“Just cuz’ they’re going to talk about Biden more, Sanders, they’re not going to mention the others.”

Sierra also admitted CNN’s leadership doesn’t like Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and also that news anchor Anderson Cooper doesn’t like President Trump.

“Every day, he’s always like mocking him and stuff,” Sierra said.

‘Just stay focused on impeachment’

Project Veritas’ released a video on Monday prior to the one featuring Sierra, that captured CNN head Jeff Zucker on audio saying on his daily call, “Let’s just stay focused on impeachment.”

Poarch said that Zucker did this every day on the call, just “hammering Trump in some way, shape or form, or Republicans in general.”

Poarch’s said Zucker, communicated that while there may be other stories to cover, “we want to divert all our resources to this aspect of Trump or that aspect of Trump.”

More recently, Zucker reportedly said, it’s “just all about impeachment.”

“Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.”

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‘Enemy of the People’

None of this is shocking. Anyone who watches CNN for two minutes can see the blatant liberal bias and now we have this video confirming what we already know.

CNN is staffed and led by the same people who become angry when President Trump describes the press as the “enemy of the people”–and yet this video reminds us they are precisely that when they choose to mold and create news instead of just reporting.

In a true republican democracy, the people choose their leaders and the media reflects their preferences. This is a “news” outlet trying to stuff their preferences down Americans’ throats.

Enemies, indeed.