A group of liberal protesters stormed the offices of the Heritage Foundation, only to be ousted minutes later and then have their demonstration used as a promotion for the group they opposed.

The group invaded the Heritage Foundation headquarters in Washington, D.C., going through security and into the private office building.

They engaged in the left’s signature protest methods of tantrum-throwing, chanting, and screaming. They vowed to shut down the operation. But the demonstration fizzled as the group left within 20 minutes.

Via the Washington Examiner:

Around 200 protestors flooded into Heritage’s Capitol Hill headquarters an hour before noon Tuesday, screaming that they were going to shut down the think tank. While opposition to Trump’s budget was the headline of the demonstration, they didn’t let that stifle their creativity. “Our solution to pollution is the people’s revolution,” they chanted before switching over to the more succinct, but no less vague, cadence of “water not walls.”

Regardless of the mixed messaging, the bottom line was simple. They swarmed into Heritage because they didn’t like the ideas the think tank produced. And instead of trying to help reach consensus with traditional protest, they tried intimidating the opposition.

The flash anarchy strategy appears to be organized by an organization called the People’s Action Institute. And while that group certainly has great passion they demonstrated very little endurance. They were in and out in less than 20 minutes.

Fantastically, not only did the protest fizzle out, but it backfired when Heritage employees sent their own message to the protesters.

Shortly thereafter, Heritage took to twitter and used the liberal protest to promote their own agenda … Fantastic!

Heritage then vowed to never be intimidated by tactics of the far-left.

Now that is how you deal with a bunch of entitled, whining liberal protesters and their incoherent chants!

“Instead of sinking the conservative outfit,” Philip Wegmann of the Examiner writes, “the protest hardened opposition among hardliners on the right.”

“The immediate and ironic result will be a boost to Heritage’s bottom line as conservative donors reach for their checkbooks while their blood boils.”

Is YOUR blood boiling every time you see these liberal protests? Share your thoughts below!