Here Is Who Trump Declared The Winner Of The Democratic Debates

Mary Margaret Olohan on July 30, 2019

President Donald Trump commented on the first round of the Democratic debates Tuesday night, declaring himself the night’s winner.

The president pointed out that nothing new occurred during Tuesday’s debates, saying that the candidates and their message were the same, according to a statement from a spokeswoman for the Trump Campaign.

“Same radical Democrats,” Trump said, according to National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. “Same big government socialist message. Same winner of tonight’s debate: President Donald Trump.”

The president’s statements follow a June 2019 Emerson poll that declared Trump the winner of the Democratic debates that took place in Miami in June.

“It looks like Trump was a winner from the Democratic debate, as his head-to-heads tightened by about 5 points against all the leading Democratic candidates,” Emerson polling director Spencer Kimball said.

Tuesday nights debates took place in Detroit, Michigan and were moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Don Lemon.

The debates covered healthcare, immigration, guns, age, race and more, but noticeably failed to cover abortion, Russia and tech issues.

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