‘He Will Comply’ – McCarthy Hints A Subpoena Might Be In Dr. Fauci’s Future

Kevin McCarthy speculated about the possibility of investigating Anthony Fauci should Republicans take back the House, even predicting that the doctor "will comply" should a subpoena be issued.
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Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy speculated about the possibility of investigating Dr. Anthony Fauci should Republicans take back the House, even predicting that the doctor “will comply” should a subpoena be issued.

McCarthy (R-CA) made the comments during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“So, is he going to comply with the subpoena or are you guys going to have to shackle him and raid his house?” host Jesse Watters asked, suggesting an eye for an eye after the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump.

“No, I imagine he will comply,” replied McCarthy.

“What will be interesting, Jesse, is how many more in the administration will resign before we come to power in January, the Homeland Security Secretary? Or others?” he wondered.

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Will McCarthy and the Republicans Investigate and Subpoena Fauci?

Dr. Fauci announced earlier this week that he was retiring after more than 50 years in federal government service.

He will step down in December, one month prior to a new Congress being installed, from his roles as White House’s Chief Medical Advisor, and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Fauci has been a consistent source of consternation for conservatives due to his pro-restriction approach to handling the pandemic, and his sanctimonious attitude.

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Doesn’t Trust Anyone With a Mural of Themselves

McCarthy, following an allusion to a subpoena being in Fauci’s future, made a joke that it’s difficult to trust a man with a giant ego. The man who says he “represents Science.”

“I just have one rule of thumb. I really don’t trust anyone who keeps a mural of themselves in their office,” McCarthy told Watters. “Those types of individuals should have to come and answer questions.”

An image emerged last year from the National Geographic documentary titled “Fauci,” showing the doctor’s office with a bobblehead and a massive, life-size portrait of himself.

On a far more serious note, McCarthy isn’t the only Republican threatening Fauci with subpoenas and investigations.

“Dr. Fauci wants to wash his hands and enjoy a cushy retirement and his $350,000 a year pension courtesy of American taxpayers,” writes Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN). “Congressional Republicans shouldn’t let him.”

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy took it a step further and added a dash of his usual sense of humor.

“Well, unless Dr. Fauci decides to seek asylum in some foreign country whose Powerball jackpot is 287 chickens and a goat, and therefore, which won’t enforce a subpoena from the United States Congress, then, Dr. Fauci, retirement or not, is going to be spending a lot of time in front of a congressional committee and committees if Republicans take back control,” Kennedy told FOX News Monday.

“We’re going to have a lot of questions and we’re going to subpoena him and expect him to answer,” added Kennedy. “And I would not advise Dr. Fauci to put down a nonrefundable deposit on a cruise.”

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