Harry Reid And The Democrats Just Blocked THIS Massively Important Immigration Bill

Harry Reid

In a move described as ‘shocking,’ the vile human being known as Harry Reid blocked a standalone vote on Kate’s Law, legislation that was introduced after 32-year-old Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported numerous times.

Kate’s Law would place a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison for any undocumented immigrant who reenters the country illegally, and thus help curb incidents in which a repeat offender can commit a violent crime such as Steinle’s murder.

The bill is supported by a vast majority of Americans, yet Harry Reid somehow managed to object to it. And Fox News host Bill O’Reilly laid into him for his disgusting actions.

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Via Fox News Insider:

“Mr. Reid is a liar and a villain,” O’Reilly said, slamming the senator’s claim that Kate’s Law is an attack on immigrants and would have a crippling financial effect.

“This has nothing to do with the so-called immigrant community,” O’Reilly said. “This is about fixing a corrupt, criminal situation. As far as cost is concerned, Reid has voted for trillions of dollars in government spending. His objection to Kate’s Law is a cynical joke.”

O’Reilly said something must be done about violent foreign thugs who repeatedly defy deportation.

“But Harry Reid does not care and has shamed himself and insulted the Steinle family by blocking a vote on Kate’s Law.”

Cruz also destroyed Harry Reid on the floor, saying if there is anything worth spending money on it’d be “to lock up murderers.”

“It’s cheaper to lose our sons and daughters,” he said.

Comment:  Is Reid’s blocking of Kate’s Law the most vile thing he has done in his career?  Do you support Kate’s Law?

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