Hamas Admits Palestinian Rioters Were Not Unarmed

It’s no secret that Islamists groups, including Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and others, use “human shields” for PR purposes. To give just a single example, Hamas purposefully stores their weapons near hospitals and schools, so that when Israel targets them, the headline reads “Israel Launches Strike on School,” not, “Israel Destroys Weapons Hidden Near School.”

The media reliably eats up Hamas’ propaganda without giving the talking points of a terrorist organization a second thought. The recent “protests” at the border of Israel and the Gaza strip are no different. While the story has been presented in the mainstream media as Israel opening fire on “unarmed” and “peaceful” protesters, Hamas themselves have proven that to be a lie.

As the Daily Caller noted:

With full knowledge of the violence, Hamas was fomenting beyond their border, the IDF dropped pamphlets warning Palestinians to not approach the border fence and deadly force would be used if they did not heed the warning. It didn’t stop hundreds of Palestinians from lighting tires ablaze and charging the barricades. In response to the attacks, Israel has killed 59 Palestinians to date.

So why did they storm the fence anyway? Because Hamas told them to. “This is not peaceful resistance, it is supported by our weapons”, said Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar, who is also part of Hamas’ leadership.

And it’s clear to anyone with eyeballs, that the protests were anything but peaceful. Just take a look at some of the photos and videos:

Hamas Palestinian rioters Hamas Palestinian rioters Hamas Palestinian rioters Hamas Palestinian rioters

CNN, amidst their reporting on the “unarmed” protesters, reported that they managed to shoot down a drone.

And shooting down a drone without weapons was hardly the only thing “miraculous” that occurred that day.

One “protester” in crutches miraculously began walking again upon hearing gunshots from Israeli soldiers.

So why did he have crutches? So that if he was killed in action, it would produce a great propaganda photo showing a disabled individual gunned down by the “oppressive” Israeli “regime.” We know this because Hamas has done the exact same before.

Hamas is sending their citizens to die – and it’s all for a photo op.

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