HALF Of Parents Are Supporting Adult Children In Biden’s ‘Booming’ Economy

More Young Adults Living With Parents In 'Booming' Biden Economy

As President Joe Biden and the Democrats scramble to brag about bouncing back from the pandemic and a supposedly booming economy, actual numbers and the everyday experiences of Americans are telling a different story.

A new report from Savings.com shows that roughly half of American parents whose children are adults are supporting them financially.

Incredibly, the Pew Research Center finds that at least half of adults 18-29 still live with their parents.

Booming economy? For whom?

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Getting The ‘Boomerang’ Generation Out Of The House…Or Not

The report cites what it is parents are footing the bills for: food, rent, cell phones, and insurance, all adding up to the tune of an average of $1,000 per month.

Besides the obvious factor of COVID-19 – or more precisely, shutdowns, lockdowns, bankruptcies, and other dislocations caused by politicians – creating havoc on the economy, just take a look around at what someone just out of high school or college has to contend with.

A Wall Street Journal report from April of 2021 said that roughly 200,000 businesses had closed during the first year of the corona virus outbreak. Since then, another 600,000 have closed permanently.

While it’s fashionable to always paint the next generation as lazy and entitled, the Biden economy is a land of record inflation. COVID rules have wreaked unprecedented havoc on small businesses, which obviously provide a lot of the job opportunities available to young people. Anyone who has looked at the cost of buying a home recently has seen enormous increases.

CNBC reported in September of 2020, that the number of young people living with their parents had reached 52%, a number that surpassed the previous high of 48% back in 1940.

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Real Story Of The Biden Economy

Last week, Joe Biden took to social media and bragged about the state of the American economy under his watch. 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi touted the “historic labor market recovery.” However, astute observers might say that people going back to jobs they might have lost during the pandemic is not exactly job creation and growth.

Earlier this month, the House passed a $55 million bill that would provide assistance to restaurants and other small businesses who suffered substantial losses during the pandemic.

That’s just 10% of the latest payout to Ukraine, which is $500 million.

Over the course of a month, the feds have sent over $14 billion to Ukraine, while a few pennies get tossed to struggling Americans.

So maybe the economy is booming – just not for Americans.

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