Gutfeld Smokes All CNN and MSNBC Shows in Cable News Ratings, Chris Wallace Sees His Worst Numbers Yet

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld saw his late-night comedy show draw higher ratings on Tuesday than any other show on CNN or MSNBC.
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Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld saw his late-night comedy show draw higher ratings on Tuesday than any other show on CNN or MSNBC.

Overall, “Gutfeld! landed in third place in the key 25-54 age demographic coveted by advertisers, bested only by a pair of Fox shows, one of which he also stars in as a co-host.

The numbers, posted by ShowBuzz Daily, have the Fox News program scoring 1.88 million viewers in total, and 322,000 in the targeted age range.

Those numbers obliterate anything being put out on competing news networks CNN and MSNBC, and trail only “The Five” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox.

Nielsen Media Research indicates Gutfeld’s program averaged 2.1 million viewers through 2022.

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Media Starting to Take Notice of Gutfeld’s Ratings

It’s growing ever more difficult for the mainstream media to ignore Greg Gutfeld’s ratings and a winning panel formula that has viewers feeling like they’re hanging out with a bunch of friends and cracking wise about the day’s events.

Vox recently analyzed the show’s success asking, “Is the right winning the comedy wars?”

Anybody watching “Saturday Night Live” or Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night drivel knows there isn’t an active ‘comedy war.’ Those shows are thoroughly devoid of actual comedy.

There’s no ‘war’ between a hammer and a nail. There’s just the constant pummeling of the nail. Gutfeld is the ratings hammer. Those other comedy shows, the nail.

Vox notes Gutfeld has “ascended to his long-awaited destiny as the face of late-night comedy on Fox News.”

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These ratings suggest he is becoming the face of late-night comedy, period.

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Chris Wallace Gets Some Bad News

While Greg Gutfeld can celebrate his ratings, his former Fox News colleague Chris Wallace saw his worst numbers since joining CNN.

Ratings from the show “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” beg the more important question: “Who’s watching Chris Wallace?”

The program saw just 323,000 total viewers, barely more than what Gutfeld is drawing in the 25-54 age demographic alone. For that segment, Wallace’s show earned just 38,000 viewers.

He’s not the only one languishing on that network. As The Political Insider reported earlier this week, CNN suffered its worst ratings week in nine years for the dates January 16th to the 22nd.

The news prompted progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald to remark that CNN’s low ratings were “well-deserved” and “good for the country.”

“CNN turned itself into a fanatical political PAC during the Trump era, got a few quick sugar highs, hired an army of US Security State operatives, and ratified one lie after the next with no retractions or accountability,” Greenwald added.

And Wallace, who has been heralded by mainstream media as a straight and nonpartisan source of news, jumped to join that sinking, incredibly partisan ship.

Gutfeld landed a jab at CNN when news surfaced that they were considering hiring a comedian for their lineup to help boost ratings, suggesting the network was already a joke.

“CNN was already funny and they went ahead and they ruined it,” said Gutfeld.

“I’m talking, of course, about the golden age of comedy. Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Brian Stelter,” he continued. “Or as they’re known in the business, the Three Stooges. Those were the days, right?”

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