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Trump Takes Unprecedented Action Against School Shootings

When the media talks about the school shooting epidemic in America, you seldom hear the name “Joe Biden,” but you really ought to. The 1990 Gun-Free School Zones Act was Biden’s creation. Biden introduced the bill which was eventually signed into law by former President George H.W. Bush. The law applies to public, private, and parochial elementary schools and high schools, and to non-private property within 1,000 feet of them.

What the Research Shows

And what has happened to the frequency of school shootings since then? Did a magical force-field begin repelling prospective school shooters once they came within 1,000 feet of a school? Hell no. Research from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that 98% of all public mass shootings that occurred between 1950 and July 10, 2016, happened in gun-free zones, and that’s tragically true in schools as well.

gun-free zones

President Trump has spoken out against “gun-free school zones,” echoing the NRA’s rhetoric that they turn children into sitting ducks. He’s also advocating for arming teachers who already have concealed carry permits and extensive firearm experience.

Of course you wouldn’t have seen it reported by the mainstream media, but President Trump just signed an historic increase in school safety funding to prevent future attacks. “Today, my Administration provided HISTORIC levels of funding to improve school safety through STOP School Violence grants – a top priority for @sandyhook,” Trump tweeted out. “I am committed to keeping our children SAFE in their schools!”

According to the Washington Examiner, “The Justice Department announced more than $70 million in grants aimed at improving safety in schools Tuesday through the grant program. The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing School Violence Act was signed into law in mid-June and aims to train students on how to identify and help prevent school violence before a weapon is ever brought into the school. The act hinges on that the vast majority of school shooters have told someone about their plans before carrying it out. ‘When our students and educators are trained in how to identify signs of gun violence and to intervene… they can prevent tragedies in their communities and save lives,’ the law states.”

While liberals focus their attention exclusively on guns, none of the so-called “common sense” gun control measures they propose actually would solve any recent mass shootings. This funding for school safety is a start, but if Trump really wants to do something meaningful, he can advocate the repeal of Joe Biden’s horrible law.