Gun Control in Chicago Didn’t Prevent Random Machete Attack on Two Brothers

Jose Sierra, 26, and his 17 year old brother were told to make a gang sign. When they refused, a gang member put the machete on the teen’s throat.

The machete was swung several times at Sierra until the next train arrived and the attackers fled. Sierra was cut on the head and back but survived the attack.

“I was just making sure my little brother was OK,” he said in an interview Saturday night. “It was touching his neck. I had to do something.”

In June, Chicago City Council unanimously passed legislation that restricts gun purchases and requires guns store to video record the sale of firearms. Gun control hasn’t been successful in preventing crime in Chicago as criminals don’t typically follow laws.

Perhaps the City Council believes a law banning knives would prevent attacks such as this. Common sense says much like gun control, making knives illegal would not stop criminals.

Seven people have been charged in the attack that has left many in Chicago concerned with safety.

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