Fox News “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld blasted the media on Tuesday for defending rioters while trying to blame President Donald Trump for the ongoing chaos happening in major American cities.

Gutfeld Blasts the Media for it’s Coverage of President Trump and the Nationwide Riots

“There was another night of looting Monday,” Gutfeld exclaimed. “But what’s the media’s priority? Criticizing President Trump, of course. CNN anchors and reporters had plenty to say about the president.”


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Gutfeld gave some examples: “Anderson Cooper said of Trump: ‘He calls them [rioters] thugs? Who is the thug here? Hiding in a bunker, hiding behind a suit?'”

Gutfeld Names Names

“Don Lemon said: ‘We are teetering on a dictatorship. Is the president declaring war on Americans? What is happening here?’”

“Chris Cuomo said: ‘The president had been saying incendiary things, certainly if you’ve been listening with any kind of open-mindedness, certainly not helpful things.’”

“And CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta said of the president: ‘He’s all but calling on authorities to crack skulls at these protests. It’s not something you normally see in the United States of America. It’s something you see in more authoritarian countries.’”


“Amazing,” Gutfeld noted. “Meanwhile, the headline on an editorial in The New York Times reads: ‘America’s Protests Won’t Stop Until Police Brutality Does.’ Meaning, they hope this could go on

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‘Who protects us now?’

Gutfeld proceeded to let the media have it for their rampant dishonesty.

“The New York media, by sticking to their narrative that we deserve punishment, reject protecting our citizens,” he said. “They mock the need for military intervention.”

“People have families, relatives and spouses who work at night,” Gutfeld explained.

“When our leaders believe this mayhem is inevitable, even necessary, then who protects us now?” he finished.