GOP Sen. Kennedy Drops New NRA Ad To ‘Trigger’ The Liberals

kennedy nra video

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy, well known for his outspoken views, recently starred in a new National Rifle Association video that will no doubt leave gun control advocates picking themselves up off the floor.

The video shows Kennedy wiping down a handgun with catchy music playing in the background. Kennedy then says, “Folks, I believe that love is the answer. But you oughta own a handgun just in case.”

The Daily Caller points out that the new video comes just days after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) put out a proposed policy called, “Definition of ‘Frame or Receiver’ and Identification of Firearms.”

The idea is to include so-called “ghost guns” into the “frame or receiver” definition.

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Left Triggered By Typo

Anti-NRA advocates ignored the message to focus in on a typo that was seen in the video.

As Kennedy is speaking, his words appear on screen.

When he says, “I believe that love is the answer…”, believe is spelled incorrectly as “belive.”

This is viewed as somehow uproariously funny and a headline from the Huffington Post says the NRA’s attempt to “trigger the Libs,” “backfires hilariously.” 

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NRA Facing Legal Challenges

Legal and political opponents of the NRA have been targeting the pro-Second Amendment organization for years. Recently, Judge Harlin Hale of the Northern District of Texas denied the NRA’s petition for bankruptcy.

Judge Hale stated the petition was filed in “bad faith” in order to avoid legal wrangling in New York. New Attorney General Letitia James has sued to dissolve the NRA for misusing charitable funds.

The national headquarters of the NRA is in Fairfax, Virginia, but has been incorporated in New York since right after the Civil War. The organization is attempting to reincorporate in Texas, a more conservative state with more gun owners. That move is also blocked by Hale’s decision.

Texas prosecutors are also arguing bad faith filing of the petition based on a public letter written by NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre. In the letter, LaPierre states that, “the NRA is not ‘bankrupt’ or ‘going out of business.'”

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Many Americans Agreeing With Senator Kennedy

It would seem that more Americans are agreeing with Senator Kennedy, not just that love is the answer, but that they should own a handgun just in case.

According to a report from NBC affiliate KXAN in Austin, Texas, more than 21 million people completed a background check in 2020 in order to purchase a gun. This breaks all previous records, and most of those identify as new gun owners.

The report also says that sales are up for the thirteenth straight month.

While gun control advocates will argue that gun-related crime is up because of the spike in gun sales, gun owners will say the high crime rates are the reason they became gun owners. 

In Los Angeles, shootings are up by 67%, homicides by 26%. There are similar statistics for almost every major American city. In Chicago alone, last weekend saw 42 people shot, 12 of them fatally. 

The Huffington Post has yet to comment on the violence in gun-controlled Chicago this past weekend. 

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