GOP Leader Demands Investigation Into Tucker Carlson’s Allegation That The NSA Is Spying On Him

McCarthy Wants Investigation Into Tucker Carlson’s Allegation That The NSA Is Spying On Him

On Wednesday, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called for a congressional investigation into whether or not the National Security Agency has spied on Tucker Carlson, as the Fox news host alleges.

Rep. McCarthy asked for an investigation via a statement from his office.

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McCarthy: ‘The NSA Cannot Be Used As A Political Instrument’

“Now, there is a public report that NSA read the emails of Fox News host Tucker Carlson,” the statement read. “Although NSA publicly denied targeting Carlson, I have serious questions regarding this matter that must be answered.”

McCarthy said that he reached out to ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, to investigate the NSA on this matter.

McCarthy said, “Given this disturbing trend, I’ve asked HPSCI Ranking Member Devin Nunes to investigate and find answers on behalf of the American people.”

“The NSA cannot be used as a political instrument, and House Republicans will ensure accountability and transparency,” McCarthy added.

This comes in the wake of Tucker Carlson saying on his popular Fox News program on Monday that a whistleblower contacted him with supposed evidence that the NSA was monitoring the host’s emails and text messages.

Tucker Carlson: ‘The Biden Administration Is Spying On Us’

“The Biden administration is spying on us,” Carlson claimed. “We have confirmed that.”

In a statement Tuesday, the NSA denied the allegations saying, “This allegation is untrue.”

“Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target of the Agency and the NSA has never had any plans to try to take his program off the air,” the NSA insisted.

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The Government Has Lied About NSA Spying

It must be said that as far as the federal government’s track record on owning up to spying on American citizens, when then Director of Intelligence James Clapper was asked during a Senate subcommittee meeting if such surveillance was being conducted, he denied it.

Clapper’s dishonesty is what inspired whistleblower Edward Snowden to come forth and reveal to the world that the U.S. government was indeed collecting the data of citizens, en masse.


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