Did You See Google’s Logo Yesterday? Here’s Why It’s Connected To OSAMA Bin LADEN

Yesterday was May 19th, which, as you all know, is Yuri Kochiyama’s 95th birthday. Oh, you didn’t know? Good thing Google was there to tell you via their daily doodle! Kochiyama, who died in 2014, was actually a radical Marxist who supported and admired many terrorist organizations.

No, really.

According to Jim Lakely on the Heartland Institute’s blog:

The “Don’t Be Evil” company today used its Google Doodle space to celebrate the birthday of the late Yuri Kochiyama, a Marxist radical who admired Mao; supported the black separatist movement; demanded the release of four Puerto Rican nationalists who opened fire in the House of Representatives in a terror attack; worked on behalf of cop killers Mumia Abu-Jamal and Assata Shakur; supported the Shining Path terrorist organization in Peru; and said in 2003: “I consider Osama bin Laden as one of the people that I admire. To me, he is in the category of Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Patrice Lumumba, Fidel Castro, all leaders that I admire.”

Well, then. That doesn’t seem worth celebrating!

This reminds me of a few years ago when Google chose to run a doodle honoring radical leftist Cesar Chavez on Easter Sunday. God forbid they ever celebrate a conservative’s birthday.

Hmmm. An omniscient global internet company that has a hard leftist streak. Imagine that.

What do you think of Google’s latest doodle? Can you suggest some better alternatives? Submit your ideas below in the comments!

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