Goofy Biden: Doesn’t Believe Economy Is Good, Suggests Non-Citizen Could Run For Office

During a town hall in Iowa on Tuesday, 2020 Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden struggled to look mentally fit as he appeared to suggest that a non-citizen could run for president, would not accept that America currently has a strong economy, and also repeatedly mixed up countries.

Confusing Iran, Iraq and Ukraine

“That’s like just flat out acknowledging, we’ve been doing everything we can do to keep Biden from being the nominee,” said Biden, referring to his allegations that President Donald Trump tried to get Ukraine to investigate him because Trump was scared of Biden being the nominee. “And guess what? We tried it in Iraq, it’s not working so well, I mean in Iran, excuse me, we tried in Ukraine.”

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Later, a voter asked Biden if he could at least recognize things that were good with the economy under Trump.

“There’s only one way you can win this,” the voter said to Biden. “When you’re on the stage with Donald Trump, you’re going to say, ‘Donald, you have done some good things, I’m going to take what’s good that you did, I’m going to add to it, and I’m going to do it with dignity.’”

“Not everything that the other side [does] is bad,” the voter continued. “Not everything about the Democrat ideas are good. There’s good in both.”

“You gotta give me a couple of the good things,” Biden replied.

“The good things: the unemployment is good now,” the voter responded.

“Yeah, unemployment is good but wages are down,” Biden falsely claimed as wages have dramatically increased during President Trump’s time in office.

“Come on, accept the good,” the voter pressed further. “You said there is no good on the other side?”

“I didn’t say that,” Biden claimed.

“Name one thing that’s good from the other side,” the voter asked.

“I can’t think of anything off the top of my head,” Biden said as he quickly tried to move away from the voter.

Non-Citizens Can Run for President?!?

Biden seemed to suggest later that an admitted non-citizen could run for president and beat Trump.

“I think you could beat him,” Biden said to the man.

The man responded, “I don’t think I could, I’m not an American citizen.”

Biden replied, “Well, you might be able to, who knows.”

Biden has repeatedly had a rough time recently with seemingly confused comments he has made.

‘I’m an old guy’

Biden said on Tuesday, in regards to who he might pick as his vice president nominee if he wins his party’s nomination, that “it has to be demonstrated that whoever I pick is two things.”

“One, is capable of being president, because I’m an old guy,” Biden said as the crowd laughed. “No, I’m serious. Look, thank God I’m in great health, I work out, no I’m serious, you know I work out every morning. I’m in good shape.”

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On Saturday, Biden had a hard time remembering the last time he was elected, saying it was “January of 2012, actually 2013, no wait a minute, we got elected in 2012, 2010 or 13.”

It’s still ten months until the November election, and for now, Biden is still the frontrunner.

You’ve got a long way to go, Joe

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