Gold Star Widow Shares Video Of Condolence Call In Defense Of Trump

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Amid the political firestorm created by Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson over what should have been a private phone call, another Gold Star widow has shared video of her condolence call in defense of President Donald Trump.

Natasha De Alencar lost her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, to a firefight with Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan in April. In the released audio footage, Trump can clearly be heard offering his condolences. “I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation. What a, what a horrible thing – except that he’s an unbelievable hero. You know, all of the people that served with him are saying how incredible he was,” Trump told Natasha. “Everyone tells me how great he was. He was the boss … He was their friend. They all loved him.”

Natasha replied, “I’m glad that you got to hear a little bit about him, sir. My husband is, to me, he was already my hero. We’ve been together 15 years, five children.”

As the conversation continued, Trump inquired more about Natasha’s children, including her eldest son’s scholarship and experience playing football for Missouri Valley College. Trump also invited Natasha to the Oval Office. Listen to the conversation below, which was recorded by one of Natasha’s children.

Natasha, who describes herself as a Democrat, later said of the call, “It became nothing about politics but a person who understood, and that is what [Trump] gave to us.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Wilson literally bragged on Thursday that U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s death has made her a “rock star.” She also upped the ante and accused White House Chief of Staff John Kelly of racism, just for good measure.

Just absolutely disgusting, abhorrent behavior. As soon as Wilson is up for reelection, she needs to be booted out of office.

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