‘God Bless The USA’ Singer Lee Greenwood Reveals Why He Raised His Kids Away From Hollywood

Lee Greenwood
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Lee Greenwood, the singer of the iconic song “God Bless The USA,” has been a celebrity for decades, but he never had any intention of raising his children in Hollywood. In a new interview, Greenwood is crediting raising his family far away from Hollywood with keeping them so close to one another.

Greenwood Keeps Family Away From Hollywood 

When you talk about Hollywood stardom, actors really are acting scripts for someone else, and although they are revered by the public for the roles that they have, the luster of Hollywood kind of rubs off when you get outside of that area,” Greenwood, 80, told Fox News. “I have been blessed to be able to be raised on a farm where real values count.”

“And even after spending 20 years in Nevada, and now 40 years in Tennessee, I am surrounded by people with real values. I think that has helped us as a family,” he continued. “And, of course, I have to give my wife so much more credit than me because she’s always been the one steadfast and keeps us morally on the correct path and a good moral compass.”

Greenwood shares two sons with his beloved wife Kimberly Payne, who he’s been married to for over thirty years. Greenwood said that raising his sons away from the spotlight has allowed them to “have respect for our careers and respect for themselves, and that has helped us bond as a family.”


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Greenwood Receives Charlie Daniels Patriot Award 

Greenwood’s sons recently told him how proud they are of him after he was given the Charlie Daniels Patriot Award.

“That’s very flattering for them to say that, and we are very close,” he said. “I can talk man to man to both of our sons, who are now 28 and 25. But for them to say that I deserve it is such an honor for me to receive that kind of dialog from our two sons. And it means a great deal to me.”

Greenwood was close friends with Charlie Daniels before he tragically died in 2020 at the age of 83.

“We’ve known each other an awful long time,” he said of Daniels. “I consider him a very close friend before he passed on. When he would give me a hug, he’d give me a serious bear hug. And you’d never forget that (he) treated me with great respect.”

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Daniels Battles Cancel Culture

Greenwood has had to battle cancel culture many times throughout his career, but he’s never let it destroy him.

“I think you have to examine the lyrics of my song, ‘God Bless the USA,’ which is a catalyst for people who consider me on one side of the fence or the other. My song represents all Americans,” he explained. “Incidentally, I am a conservative Christian. However, when you talk about the presidents that I have sang for, which are on both sides of the aisle and more than 10 — two times for five different presidents in my presence — I think that the honor that I receive from just being a songwriter is really high cotton.”

“I’m just a farmer from Sacramento who got lucky, and I consider my art important to me,” he added. “So, to write a song that has moved the nation and also has uplifted the nation after a terrorist attack of 2001 is a great compliment, but it’s a great honor for me.”

Greenwood feels that it is “not right” and “not fair” that other artists are cancelled for expressing rightwing beliefs.

To a point, everyone is allowed to express their own opinion, and as an artist, I know that we do represent the culture with the music that we create,” he said. “But you can’t blame an artist for singing a song or writing a song that expresses a feeling of the fans that they sing for. And if the multitude of fans all agree that that song represents them, then the freedom of expression should be allowed by that artist and not attacked.”

Greenwood is one of the few celebrities around today who is actually a patriotic America. God bless him for keeping his family so grounded by raising them far away from the liberal world of Hollywood!

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