Carly Fiorina, unlike some other GOP candidates, is staying largely focused on what would separate her as President from the Democrat front runner, Hillary Clinton.

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During last night’s Republican debate, she absolutely unleashed on Hillary and her adulterous husband.

Fiorina blasted Slick Willie when she said that unlike Hillary, ‘she actually likes spending time with her husband.’

When asked about those comments during the debate, Fiorina doubled down.

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“If my husband did what Bill Clinton did I would have left him long ago.”

Think she was done? Think again.

“She’s escaped prosecution more than El Chapo,” Fiorina said. “She has not accomplished much of anything in her life. She’s gotten every single foreign policy challenge wrong and she continues to lie to the American people.”

Now that, is a Bern.

Watch Fiorina’s comments below …

Comment: What do you think of Carly’s attacks on Hillary? Did she go too far or do you support her comments? Share your thoughts below.

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