Democrats Forced to Take Down Virginia Governor Ad After NYC Terror Attack

Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for Virginia governor, just got a much-needed boost in the form of a reprehensible ad put out by a group supporting his opponent.

If you haven’t seen the spot yet, it’s one of the most shameless political campaign ads ever created. And the Democrat whose campaign it’s supposed to help, current Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, has refused to denounce the ad. Instead, he has embraced it.

The video begins by depicting a white man in a pick-up truck with a Confederate battle flag mounted in its bed, a Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread on Me”) license plate, and of course, an Ed Gillespie bumper sticker. A group of young minority children (complete with a girl in a hijab) actually run for their lives from the man in the truck.

The ad was released by the Latino Victory Fund, a political group founded by actress Eva Longoria. Watch below:

The backlash was immediate.

The Latino Victory Fund stood by the ad, releasing the following statement:

They also retweeted an article covering the controversy with the headline, “GOP gubernatorial candidate outraged his racist campaign was called out for racism.”

In the article, the writer claims an ad of Gillespie’s where he says he’ll fight the MS-13 gang is racist. Why? Because he “juxtaposed his opponent’s face with a warning that Latino men want to ‘Kill. Rape. Control.'” The writer at ThinkProgress was apparently unaware that the men in the photo were MS-13 members, and that the gang’s motto is “Kill. Rape. Control.” Quoting their own motto is racist all of a sudden? Who knew that the MS-13 were a bunch of racists themselves!

Gillespie reported that he was “disgusted” by the ad – and it looks like the public was too. And as the Latino Victory Fund stands by their ad, their name only becomes increasingly ironic as donations to Gillespie’s campaign have tripled since the ad ran. On top of that, the GOP decided to go “all in” on Gillespie, and the RNC has backed him with $15 million. The DNC has only put $1.5 million behind his opponent.

In the wake of the NYC terror attack where a radical Islamist actually did use a truck to run down innocent bystanders, the Latino Victory Fund was finally forced to pull the ad. Why did it take a terror attack and eight deaths to pull the nasty, divisive campaign spot?

Because liberals have no shame, that’s why.

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