Gifts You Will Not Find On Any Liberals Christmas List

If your family members and friends sit on opposite sides of the political spectrum, you may have to avoid discussing a number of issues this holiday season. Here are some gifts you may dream of giving these people, but probably shouldn’t.

1791 Apparel


At first glance it looks like any other sort of over-priced hipster clothing. And at first, your liberal brother may appreciate a $120 flannel shirt. Then he asks where it’s from and you tell him it’s Glenn Beck’s apparel line. Enjoy the freakout.

Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Series Books


Your liberal friends won’t be so happy when they find out the books were written by liberal agitator Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. To really get them mad you hand them ‘Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot’ last.

Hobby Lobby Gift Card


This might be the easiest way to make your liberal friends or family have a conniption. They view Hobby Lobby as the place of radical Christians and pro-life fanatics. There is no way liberals are going to shop there even if it’s free. The best part is, they might be so upset they’ll refuse to use it. If you know that ahead of time, leave it empty.

Airsoft Gun


You will be sure to be the hit of Christmas with your nephew when you buy him one of these. But your sister or brother and their spouses will be horrified even more than Ralphie’s Mom when she was afraid he was going to shoot his eye out. They will immediately request the gift receipt.

Duck Dynasty DVD Series


Happy, happy, happy! That’s what your liberal friends or family members will not be when you present them with this as a gift. Not good. You can add to the anger by throwing in a Duck Dynasty duck call. Let it rip!

What other gifts do you think would drive liberals crazy for Christmas?

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