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Pull Federal Funding from California If Governor Gavin Newsom Pulls National Guard from Border

It appears that California Governor Gavin Newsom is going to remove the National Guard from the U.S.-Mexico border, following the recent example of the New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

If Newsom does this, President Trump needs to pull federal funds from the Golden State and not look back.

Whatever federal funds can be withheld from California should be withheld. The big cities in La-La Land elected this poor excuse for a politician, so let them live with it.

This is just the beginning and it’s a foretelling of what the progressives want to do to America. Be warned, fellow patriot: You haven’t seen anything yet!

Progressives have tried to fundamentally change the electorate by importing illegal aliens and by infiltrating our education system with draft-dodging hippies and brainwashing our children through guilt and bastardizing our history.

They have succeeded in transforming California from a red state to a solid blue state in one generation.

Newsom needs to take care of his state as it is being destroyed from within. California is broke, and it doesn’t take a smart, college-educated individual to make that analysis.

The middle class is moving out in droves, and the illegals keep taking welfare and state freebies. The tipping point of failure for California over the past few decades has been the growth in takers over producers.

I just had a friend who has been going to San Francisco a couple of times a year for many years. He told me that when you walk the streets, you need to be careful to avoid the human waste that covers most sidewalks. The only clean streets are in rich, liberal, protected areas where the homeless are not allowed to go without police harassment. So much for liberals being the champion of the poor!

As is so often the case, those who love and cherish this country, those who are willing to devote some, if not all, of their lives towards defending her, will be the ones protecting those who take it for granted and exist in her borders while complaining about the exclusive rights and freedoms she provides. The U.S. military has the distinct honor to protect and defend the country from all enemies.

Therefore, I propose, without any authority but merely as a vocal suggestion, the idea of the “Roosevelt Reservation” of 1907 be revisited and improved upon along the “entire” southern border. Not only that, but also the U.S. military take control, either with the assistance of California Border Patrol (CBP) or having CBP contracted, of patrolling, monitoring, and defending the border.

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