Far-left liberal activists violently took over the campus at UC-Berkeley to protest a planned speech by conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos. Then they used threats of violence to shut down Ann Coulter.

The left, which loves to claim they support free speech, refused to allow a conservative on their campus. They went on a rampage, vandalizing property, lighting fires, and physically assaulting innocent bystanders.

To liberals, free speech is acceptable only when it is a left-wing viewpoint, as conservative views are labeled as bigoted hate speech that must be silenced. Rather than engage with conservatives and have a thoughtful and respectful conversation, the left silences conservatives, using violence if necessary.

free speech

(Pictured: how today’s liberals view a conservative speech on campus)

The true tragedy and irony is that UC-Berkeley was the epicenter of the free speech movement during the Vietnam War. In just a few short decades, the left has gone from ardent support of free speech to total opposition to any speech they don’t agree with.

Even liberal columnist Kirsten Powers believes the left has a free speech problem. Her book “Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech” explores 5 key ways liberals seek to shut down any opinion they disagree with. Here’s a quick recap from her publisher Regnery:

  • Why the illiberal left has become an Orwellian “big brother,” policing what it deems acceptable speech and opinions
  • How the illiberal left is obsessed with delegitimizing Fox News
  • How illiberal left pundits—even self-proclaimed “feminists” (and Powers names names)—engage in outrageously misogynistic and sexist dismissals of their female opponents
  • How illiberal colleges and universities limit freedom of expression to tightly regulated “free speech zones” and ban speakers (even liberals) with whom the illiberal left disagrees
  • How “truth” matters little to the illiberal left, for whom ideology is everything

It’s all true. This simple image exposes just how much liberals have changed in 50 years.

Oh, we didn’t mention that Milo – who the left rioted to silence – is gay? How tolerant of the liberals!

While in the short-term, liberals may think suppressing free speech may prove effective, Town Hall’s Kurt Schlichter explains how this strategy will end badly for the left:

See, a republic with democratic features like the United States can’t function without the possibility of discussion. It needs citizens to have the ability to rationally debate the issues, to be heard so that they can perceive the process as fair and one where they are equal participants. But that’s exactly what liberals, with tactics like political correctness, Jon Stewarty snark, and the outright lies of their vinyl-body-suited mainstream media chorus, seek to prevent.

Liberals should be embarrassed at their disrespect towards free speech in America. For an ideology that claims to be tolerant and open-minded, their treatment of anyone who has a different opinion is staggering.

Free speech is one of the pillars of American democracy, and it appears liberals would rather burn this country down than allow true free speech to puncture their liberal bubbles.

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