Fox News Host Slams Michael Moore: He’s A ‘Liberal, Idiot’


Eric Bolling, host of Cashin’ In on Fox News, slammed liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore for criticizing the criminal justice system and calling for police officers to be disarmed. Bolling referred to him as the “liberal, idiot filmmaker Michael Moore.”

Moore recently took to Twitter and demanded that all African-Americans incarcerated for drug crimes be released from prison.

He then subsequently demanded that once the criminals were released, police officers should be universally disarmed.  

Only in left-wing circles would it be considered brilliant to release criminals en masse while simultaneously disarming law enforcement.

Bolling then explained the hypocrisy of the liberal idiot, in that Moore currently has armed security guards wherever he goes due to his millionaire status.

Watch Bolling tear into the rotund filmmaker below…

The Fox News host also challenged Moore, saying he’d give up his guns if Moore agreed to travel without armed security.

What do you think of Bolling’s comments? What do you think of Moore’s complete ignorance when it comes to law enforcement in America?

Tell us you thoughts below…

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