President Trump set off a firestorm by disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles from celebrating their big Super Bowl win at the White House. The team has been engaged in a back-and-forth with the White House ever since Trump made the decision. (RELATED: Trump Cancels Super Bowl Champion Eagles’ Visit – Taunts NFL Players for Kneeling During National Anthem).

So here’s the thing about the whole invitation kerfuffle: Both parties involved are exercising their rights according to their beliefs. President Trump can rescind an invitation to any party he thinks is not worthy of visiting the White House. Any invitee can decline to visit the White House.

Either way, everyone gets their freedom.

What’s not OK is to misconstrue what happened in the lead up to this squabble. And that’s exactly what Fox News did. During a segment of Shannon Bream’s evening show, a picture was shown of Eagles players kneeling to pray, implying that they were actually kneeling to protest the National Anthem. It’s a fact that no Eagles player ever actually knelt during the National Anthem during the season. The only protest that occurred was a few players raising their hand in a fist during the Anthem.

Here’s the segment:

To their credit, Fox issued the following apology:

Host Shannon Bream also issued her own apology:

It’s good Fox did the right thing here. What they reported was factually incorrect. And they made sure to correct the record.

You can criticize the Eagles for not being grateful and honor their invitation to the White House. You can criticize Trump for disinviting them. But you can’t lie about what happened.

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