NO! Obama Just Announced Terrible News About The Terrorists In Gitmo

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Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer absolutely lambasted President Obama’s efforts to try and shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay, saying the very concept was “insane.”

The discussion comes after recent reports have revealed that the administration will release another two dozen prisoners throughout several countries. A vast majority of those being sent to countries who will struggle to monitor them have been dubbed “too dangerous to transfer.”

Krauthammer said the President has a warped ideology that closing the terrorist prison would somehow end the war on terrorism.

His insistence on shutting down Gitmo means Obama is willing to damage the national security of not only the United States, but other countries as well.

Watch the segment on the prison at Guantanamo Bay below …

Via Fox News Insider:

Charles Krauthammer said on Special Report that President Obama is willing to damage the national security of the U.S. and other countries “in the name of a fixed idea” that closing Guantanamo is key to ending the War on Terror.

He said that one of the reasons jihadism has succeeded and spread is because U.S. human intelligence is weak, and this is because “we have no way to capture and interrogate as we did earlier in the War on Terror.”

“The idea of closing (Guantanamo)…is insane, because you need a place like that to interrogate,” he said.

Krauthammer has never been shy about describing President Obama’s claim that Gitmo is actually a recruiting tool for new terrorists as insane.

“The idea of Guantanamo as a recruiting tool for ISIS or al Qaeda is nonsense,” he said on a panel in January.

“Do you think that the guys who killed the journalists in Paris were inspired by Gitmo?” he asked. “Do you think the guy who had the hostages at the Jewish deli in Paris were inspired by Gitmo? 9/11 happened before Gitmo ever existed.”

Krauthammer went on to explain, “These people are inspired and recruited by their objection to our way of life and the fact we defend our way of life around the world.”

Yet Obama insists on sending them away in the hopes that they’ll simply stop fighting their war against us. That’s one hell of a Commander-in-Chief, isn’t it?

Comment: Do you think closing Gitmo will have any effect whatsoever in stopping terrorism? Why or why not? Share your thoughts below.

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