Shelby Talcott on October 24, 2019

Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst compiled a list Thursday after CNN president Jeff Zucker said the outlet wasn’t a journalistic organization.

“Citizen by CNN” is a “civic engagement platform” designed to “discuss issues that matter, the motivations to vote and the importance of being informed and engaged in the political process,” according to CNN. Zucker dinged Fox News at CNN’s 2019 conference Thursday in New York City, saying the network is “akin to state-run TV” that’s “morphed into conspiracy TV.”

CNN’s president added that the network isn’t “a journalistic organization.” Yingst hit back at Zucker on Twitter following the comments, compiling a long list of work his colleagues have done over the past year.

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“If you don’t think Fox News is a ‘journalistic organization,’ I’d encourage you to take a look at the work my colleagues have done over the past year,” Yingst wrote to start a thread that included reports from Fox News correspondents like Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. “Holding those in power accountable, risking their lives to get the story and reporting the facts. Here are just a few examples … ”

Yingst’s list of examples included Wallace pressing Russian President Vladimir Putin, British foreign affairs correspondent Benjamin Hall speaking to jailed Islamic State fighters and correspondent Steve Harrigan’s on-the-ground report of dead bodies “everywhere” in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian.

Other mentions in the thread were anchor Dana Perino’s exclusive interview with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, correspondent Catherine Herridge’s exclusive with President Donald Trump and anchor Martha MacCallum grilling a White House spokesperson on why the president made a request for officials to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The foreign correspondent continued to name various other reporters at the news outlet, writing “the list goes on.”

“The bottom line is that I’m proud to report alongside these journalists each day,” Yingst concluded. “They put in long hours to practice the craft at the highest level. Their work speaks for itself.”

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