During testimony before the House Oversight Committee, FBI Director James Comey revealed some interesting information about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Four times he admitted crimes have been committed.

Here are the four worst moments for Hillary at the hearing with Director Comey (H/T America Rising):

Hillary Lied

After Comey failed to recommend indictment for Clinton, she ran around bragging about how the FBI had said she’d been “truthful” about her email use. Not so, according to Director Comey.

Comey was asked, “Did you say she was telling the truth with respect to her email claims?”

To which he replied, “I did not, I’d never say that about anybody.”

Aide Granted Immunity was Subject of Investigation

Clinton’s former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills has been the subject of tremendous scrutiny after it was revealed that she received immunity in the case in an effort to secure her laptop – something the FBI could have done with a simple subpoena. Turns out, Mills herself was a “subject” in the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s email server.

Classified Information Found On Mills’ Laptop

The “subject” in the investigation, Cheryl Mills, was found to have classified information on her laptop. A moot point because of the aforementioned inexplicable immunity granted to her, but damning nonetheless.

Multiple Complaints That Hillary Lied Under Oath

During his testimony, FBI director James Comey revealed that his department had received “multiple” criminal complaints involving Hillary Clinton lying under oath.

“The department has the referral, I think there were two separate referrals,” Comey stated. “The matter has been received by the Department of Justice, they have the letters from the committee.”

All told, not much will come of this. The fix is seemingly in for the Democrat nominee, and it’s unlikely that Comey, who has disgraced himself and his department, will re-open the case.

The law, with respect to Mrs. Clinton, is meaningless.

That said, these four clips certainly provide plenty of ammunition for Republican Donald Trump in his next debate with the former Secretary of State.

Comment: Does any of the information revealed at Director Comey’s hearing make you think Hillary will ever face consequences for her illegal handling of classified information? Share your thoughts below.

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