Former White House Physician Appointed By Obama: Trump Is Saving American Lives With Response to Coronavirus

The former lead White House doctor appointed by Barack Obama praised President Donald Trump following the release of a new set of guidelines to combat the spread of coronavirus, saying his ‘quick and decisive’ actions have saved “countless American lives.”

Dr. Ronny Jackson’s comments come in the midst of the latest round of suggestions released by the White House – designed to slow the pandemic within 15 days – for the public.

He praised the President for past actions including a travel ban which he initiated very early on.

Quickly and Decisively

“The president has done everything he needed to do in this case,” Jackson told Fox News personality, Sean Hannity. “He’s acted quickly and decisively.”

The former physician to both Trump and Obama noted that it was the President’s instincts that will lead to America likely avoiding the coronavirus calamities seen in Italy or Iran.

“He put together a top-notch team and he was criticized,” Jackson explained. “Despite that, he carried on and did what he needed to do for our country. He put the travel ban in place.”

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Travel Ban Saved Lives

Jackson’s comments are in line with those made recently by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

One of the key actions necessary to control the spread of the virus, Fauci explained, is to “contain the influx of people who are infected coming from the outside.”

At the onset, President Trump, aside from instituting travel restrictions on China, put in place the first federally mandated quarantine in decades.

“We declared a public health emergency and issued the highest level of travel warning on other countries as the virus spread its horrible infection,” the President announced.

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Trump Got On It Early

Jackson continued celebrating the actions taken by this administration as life-saving.

“What’s going on in Italy and Iran is not going to happen here I think, because of the president’s quick and decisive actions,” he predicted. “I think we are going to be more in line with what’s going on in South Korea and things of that nature.”

Jackson concluded, “We are going to see that we got on it early … the president stopped it quickly and it’s going to save countless American lives.”

In 2015, former President Obama hailed Jackson as having a “positive impact” that “cannot be overstated.”

“He is a tremendous asset to the entire White House team,” he wrote.

This is important context for when the media tries to downplay Jackson’s positive comments about the current President.

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