Former Prince Harry Wants You To Know He And Wife Hoped They Could Still Serve The Queen

For starters, I don’t blame Harry of Sussex, but I do feel sorry for the situation he finds himself in at the time.

I don’t understand why so many people are defending Meghan Markle. She knew very well that she was marrying into a family that is strong on responsibilities and traditions. If Markle didn’t feel comfortable with the Royal Family, she should never have married into it. It is not right for her to cause chaos and drama within the family.

Harry is Meghan’s husband, and right now, she’s going through a lot of emotional changes, especially having her child, Archie. He’s trying to be responsible in taking care of his family, but his wife is the problem, in my opinion. She’s damaged goods, and I still think she will leave him inside of five years, possibly three. She has too many voices in her ear from Hollywood and her celebrity circle.

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A day after his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II announced that he and wife Meghan Markle would give up their HRH titles and pay back the millions spent on having their home at Windsor renovated, Prince Harry has addressed the couple’s decision to step back as senior members of the royal family.

Speaking a dinner for the Sentebale charity, which he founded, on Sunday night, the royal reassured supporters of his love for his home country but explained some of the reasoning behind distancing himself from his official duties.

Royal correspondents report that Harry expressed the “utmost respect” for the queen and spoke of the support he’s received from his family. According to ITV’s Chris Ship, he joked about “finally” getting “hitched” to Meghan in 2018, while the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English reports that he referred to the duchess as “the same woman I fell in love with.”

Both correspondents noted that the prince added that “it brings me great sadness that it has come to this” in reference to the royal exit. [Yahoo Lifestyle]

He sounds like he’s already regretting the decision, and he’s reading a script written by his wife. His heart is already broken.

I can’t believe this is what Harry wants. It is what Meghan wants and what Meghan wants Meghan to get. Meghan had this planned for a long time, and she proved that she never wanted to conform to life as a member of the Royal Family.

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Harry, unfortunately, what you both wanted initially written on your website and how the Queen sees things are very different. The couple initially never said publicly or on their website they wanted to relinquish their (His/Her Royal Highness) HRH titles. The Queen took necessary action as the couple can’t have the creme de brûlée’s of both worlds.

Well, you can’t walk away and do your own thing and still expect to do work for the crown. The two may not be compatible. I’m sure the Queen gave Harry a choice. He may have thought she was bluffing. Being a senior royal member is not a part-time job when you not busy being a commoner.

Sorry, Harry, not buying your explanation for turning your back on your country, your family, and your queen for the woman you love, who does NOT love your family, your country, or the Queen. Your actions contradict your words.

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This is what happens when you decide to marry too quickly because the female is older than the male, and her biological time clock is ticking-a rushed marriage in a short relationship. You think you know a person when you don’t because it takes time.

Harry will always have the media around him, whatever title he has and wherever he lives because, as he said, he was born into it. I hope he gets the privacy he requests, but if he’s looking for the non-celebrity life, that’s not what his wife wants. Meghan heard Hollywood calling and feels millions are coming her way.

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