Former MSNBC Host Says the Outlet is Guilty of ‘Conspiracy Theorizing’ About Trump

Krystal Ball is very liberal and a former MSNBC host who is now admitting from the inside what many already knew: MSNBC has been responsible for “conspiracy theorizing” and that the cable news outlet’s approach to President Trump “has done real damage to the left.”

Taking MSNBC to Task

Appearing on Friday night’s Real Time with Bill Maher, she was asked if she believes “networks like MSNBC, which [she] used to work for, help or hurt progressive causes.”

“Overall,” she replied, “I think MSNBC in the Trump era has done real damage to the left. And I say that with love.”

“I mean, these are my former colleagues, friends,” Ball continued. “Look, the Russia story and what happened there was important, but it was not all-important, and they went so far in the realm of conspiracy theorizing.”

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‘They Had Jonathan Chait On!’

“I mean, they had Jonathan Chait on…” Ball said before Maher interrupted her. Recall that Chait was the New York Magazine writer who speculated Trump might be a Russian double agent.

Well, it was a conspiracy,” host Maher said.


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“They had Jonathan Chait on to talk about how Trump may have been a Russian plant since 1987,” Ball complained. “This is ridiculous, okay? This is way out from what journalistic facts said, and it’s to the exclusion of other stories that people actually care about – about health care, about trade, about the future of their lives, automation. These things are real, and they don’t get focus when you only look at one thing.”

Ball said, “So, yeah, they built up expectations so much that when the report came out, people were like, ‘Oh, it was no big deal,’ when it was a big deal.”

Maher said it “was the mistake on MSNBC making (Robert Mueller) into this hero,” though most of the media did this.

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Good for Krystal Ball

But Maher is right. And kudos to Ball, who obviously shares MSNBC’s politics, yet has respect for the truth.

The entire left and most of the Democratic Party bought into the Russian conspiracy hoax, hook, line and sinker–with MSNBC leading the pack.

Top host Rachel Maddow once attacked Trump for going on conspiracy theory programs like Alex Jones. Does she think her show isn’t a conspiracy theory program? She led with a hoax story every night based on lies and media fabrications until the Mueller report turned out to be a complete dud.

MSNBC has lost all credibility as any sort of serious news outlet. Thank you, Krystal Ball, for reminding us.

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