MSNBC Schedules Scaramucci And Omarosa and the Intolerant Left Media Goes Nuts

The intolerant left media critics slammed MSNBC for scheduling former White House admin members Anthony Scaramucci and Omarosa Manigault-Newman for a Friday night show with host Chris Matthews on his show, Hardball.

The attention seekers Scaramucci and Manigault-Newman have both come out against the Trump administration, and the President specifically, while being booked on anti-Trump networks. What makes this example so notable is the number of vitriol responses from the opposition media who are angry these grifters are being given a platform.

Scaramucci served as the former communications directors for the White House and Manigault-Newman served in the Office of Public Liaison.

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I would be willing to bet the topics will presumably revolve around how Omarosa and The Mooch shared the experience of supporting President Trump before eventually turning against him.


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As I said, the responses are not kind.

Both Manigault’s and Scaramucci’s critics are that both individuals are publicity-seekers and are trying to soak up the limelight for whatever opportunity they can get. If that means throwing Trump and his administration to the wolves then so be it. These two have no moral compass.

Another question from political insiders is how much insight can these to even give anyone? The Mooch only spent 11 days in the White House and Omarosa’s job wasn’t in the White House, so what gives.

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Nobody on the right gives these two any credibility but watching those on the left attack MSNBC for scheduling them is hilarious. As a matter of fact, I have my popcorn and pop, enjoying the fireworks.

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