Former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki Makes MSNBC Debut, Cheers Democrats

Former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made her first on MSNBC since leaving the White House.

It went like you might expect from the President’s former chief propagandist on the far-left cable channel.

She appeared on the Tuesday edition of “Alex Wagner Tonight” to discuss the midterm elections. Psaki’s job appears now to – still – be a cheerleader for Democrats, regardless of the facts or circumstance.

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How Psaki Sees It

Democrats can always count on Jen Psaki to be the head cheerleader. And she didn’t disappoint.

Wagner began the segment about the midterms by bringing up a bill being proposed by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that would institute a national ban on abortion after 15 weeks – something The Political Insider’s Rusty Weiss described as a colossal political blunder.

Wagner asserted, with the assent of Psaki, that the midterm elections are going to be seen as a referendum on the Republicans, rather than Biden and the Democrats. Her reasoning being that, as she argues, the biggest policy change came at the hands of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of a Republican position on abortion. 

Wagner asked: “In these ways, these midterms may end up being a referendum on Republican power more so than Democratic power. Do you see it that way?”

Psaki picked up that relay baton and ran:

“Absolutely. And that is remarkable if you think about it. If you look back on the NBC poll in January, Democrats were not that into the midterms. They just weren’t that into it. It’s largely flipped now. The anger is among the members of the Democratic Party, which is the party in power, which is so rare for that to be the case. People are enthused, they’re engaged, they want to get out and vote, they want to participate in the process.”

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No MSNBC ‘Analysis’ Complete Without Trump

Of course former President Donald Trump continues to live rent-free in the heads of all on the left. They should actually thank him because if he ever disappeared, they would all go broke.

It was here that Wagner inserted the mandatory Trump question:

“It’s almost like a recreation of the weather patterns when Trump was President right? Americans, vast numbers of Americans, feel like basic freedoms are being infringed upon. And oh by the way, Donald Trump is still the president, in some ways, he’s not the president of the United States, in his mind he may be, but in terms of his dominance over the news cycle, the multiple swirling investigations, have made him a figurehead in the Republican Party and in national politics.” 

Psaki also picked up that softball and fired. She replied:

“Well, nothing’s more of a driving and excitement factor like Donald Trump for Democrats. They love to be opposed to him, because they are. Independents, many, don’t want to see another reign of Trump. And the more he engages in the race, the more he puts himself out there, the more it’s a reminder of what’s at stake to people.”

Really deep analysis, Jen. Money well spent by MSNBC. 

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What’s Really Going On

Jen Psaki is probably too busy getting comfy at her new job to realize that many Democrat candidates are not worried about Donald Trump, they are worried about Joe Biden.

They are so afraid that he will show up on the campaign trail with them, that they have done their best to distance themselves from Biden, and in large part from the Democrat Party and its platform.

A good number of Democrats are touting themselves in their ads as “independent” and willing to go against Biden and the party. Rotten economy, skyrocketing crime rates, defunding the police? The general response in Democrat campaign ads has been, “not me, I stood up to Joe Biden and the Democrats!”

It seems that Alex Wagner is lucky to have Jen Psaki around. She is trying to pick up the ratings slack left by leftie favorite Rachel Maddow. The week her show debuted, viewership in that time slot fell 15%.

The show fared even worse in the key news demographic, falling from 214,000 viewers the entire week to just 164,000. At that rate, Jen Psaki may land herself a co-host gig.

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