Foreign Aid is Immoral, Unconstitutional, and Should Be Illegal

foreign aid unconstitutional
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This week, the Senate passed another staggering foreign aid package that will likely face a bumpy road in the House. The aid package shells out billions of taxpayer dollars to countries far and wide to help fight their wars and defend their borders.

The fact that this aid package was passed in the wee early morning hours on Tuesday thanks in part to the attempts by Senators J.D. Vance, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee to tie up the vote through filibuster is a testament to the fracture within the Republican Party when it comes to foreign aid and policy. Unfortunately, there were enough war-hawk Republicans to fall in line with the Democrats to pass the aid package anyway.

The question is, how far will the package go in the House? If you ask Matt Walsh, it not only should be dead on arrival, but its very passage in the Senate should’ve been illegal.

History lesson

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh took to X this week to present a Master Class on our nation’s founding and why the concept of foreign aid, in general, is the antithesis of what our founders wanted for our country.

He wrote:

“Foreign aid, by definition, is taxation without representation.”

For those who need an American History refresher, taxation without representation was a big deal to the founders and those who fought for our independence from England. Mr. Walsh explains:

“Tax payers are funding foreign governments without any say in how the funds are used.”

Later, Mr. Walsh describes in detail what essentially is happening at the expense of the American people for the benefit of foreign governments:

“It should fill you with rage to think that food is being taken off of your children’s plates and sent directly to foreign bureaucrats to be used however they see fit, in ways that will not remotely benefit you or your family.”

As if anyone should need a punctuation statement to illustrate the insanity of making it rain American tax dollars on foreign governments, Mr. Walsh writes:

“This country was literally formed to stop that sort of injustice.”

And yet the Senate thinks it is their job to send American dollars to foreign lands.

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Not your purpose

Early Tuesday morning the Senate passed a whopping $95.3 billion in aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer patted himself and his cohorts on the back with the following statement:

“It’s been years, perhaps decades, since the Senate has passed a bill that so greatly impacts not just our national security, not just the security of our allies, but also the security of western democracy.”

It should be noted that neither Taiwan or Israel are in the West, and Ukraine’s claim to democracy is tenuous at best.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell added this question in an effort to shame his Republican senators and congressmen into submission:

“Will we give those who wish us harm more reason to question our resolve, or will we recommit to exercising American strength?”

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Finally, the most ridiculous line from the Senate came from republican Jerry Moran from Kansas, who said while holding back tears:

“…every so often, there are issues that come before us that seem to be the ones that explain why we are here.”

It’s hard to believe that when the good citizens of Kansas elected Senator Moran to represent them in D.C., they were hoping he’d follow the marching orders of Mitch McConnell like a lemming and sign his name to essentially blank foreign aid checks.

What would TJ think?

When the United States was first born, the idea was never to get involved in the matters of foreign nations. The great Thomas Jefferson once said:

“I am for free commerce with all nations, political connection with none, and little or no diplomatic establishment. And I am not for linking ourselves by new treaties with the quarrels of Europe, entering that field of slaughter to preserve their balance, or joining in the confederacy of Kings to war against the principles of liberty.”

Yet here we are, fully linked financially to the quarrels of Europe as Mr. Jefferson once warned against. The argument that the world has been made smaller since the birth of our great country is not just an understatement but also valid.

However, the argument that shelling out unimaginable taxpayer dollars in the name of preserving “Western democracy” and “national security” is laughable when compared to the little spent on our open border. Untold bad actors from foreign lands wishing to do us harm can stroll right into our country.

At the same time, the likes of Mitch McConnell try to argue not funding Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan is what shows weakness on the international stage.

Matt Walsh wrote:

“The whole system of foreign aid is corrupt, immoral, and evil.”

Don’t let the politicians fool you; their push to send your hard-earned money overseas has little to do with preserving liberty and everything to do with their own personal interests.

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