Nikki Haley Blames Trump for Low Military Recruitment Numbers: ‘Very Sad State Of Affairs’

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For some reason, Nikki Haley is still in the Republican presidential primary despite overwhelmingly losing to Donald Trump in every single contest to date – and those to come, if polls are to be believed.

Still, her latest campaign tactic seems to be blaming low U.S. military recruitment on…

Donald Trump?

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Haley Says Trump to Blame for Lower Military Recruitment Numbers

On Monday, CNN’s Jake Tapper Haley on Monday about Trump’s recent comment implying that Haley’s husband Michael Haley had left her.

For the record, he’s deployed overseas as a member of the U.S. military.

“Governor Haley, have you talked to Major Haley?” Tapper asked, siding with Haley. “It must be annoying to be attacked like that when you’re serving your country. And, in the Horn of Africa. How is he handling it all?”

The former South Carolina governor replied, “Well, I think the first thing is to know that he has always been with me in every election I’ve ever run. It’s difficult to do it without him because he’s like my right arm. So you feel like part of you is missing.”

She continued:

They have been without internet, so I was able to catch him for, a brief period of time. I saw the tweet. Just like you saw the tweet. I did not get a chance to talk to him when that happened. But I will tell you. I mean, look, he’s angry. I mean, he and his brothers and sisters, they don’t go there just because for kicks and giggles, they go there because they still believe in this amazing experiment that is America.

They’re willing to go and sacrifice their lives and their families because they still believe America is worth fighting for. And when anybody mocks it or makes fun of it, it does make them all question like, what’s happening to America? And that’s a very sad state of affairs. If you want to see why recruitment is down in the military, 25%, it’s because of comments like that. It’s because of how America has treated our veterans.

By all indications, it appears active military and veterans love Donald Trump. But Haley is right, there is a serious problem with military recruitment, which has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

The Political Insider’s resident veteran Kat Anderson has chronicled the military’s troubles in this arena – with the culprits being woke agendas, bizarre transgender recruiters, endless losing wars, eligibility problems, and more.

All things that most any Republican voter would now associate with the establishment Nikki Haley’s of the world, not their opposite in Donald Trump.

New Haley Ad Brings Back Old Trump Comments

Tapper told Haley, “It was wrong. And, I’m sorry, to all the military families and the service members out there who are so selfless that a comment like that would be made,” Tapper concluded.

Haley released a short ad on Monday resurfacing what is considered by most a false story, in which he called soldiers who died overseas “losers” and “suckers.”

For his part, Trump didn’t take the bait, instead opting to swing for the fences:

Donald Trump is still significantly far ahead of Nikki Haley in every poll and most observers expect him to be the eventual Republican nominee for president.

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