By Maureen Mackey | June 15, 2019

“Thank you, Gov. Ron DeSantis, for keeping our state safe.”

DeSantis is “somebody with backbone.”

Now “California and New York and all other states [should] do the same.”

“Yes, let’s take our country back. Enough is enough.”

“Great governor! Actually does what he says. We need more people in office with integrity — not people who promise to cure cancer if they win. He would make a great president.”

These five comments and many more — see the 12 other comments near the bottom of this article — are pouring in online from readers who now know that on Friday, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida (shown above left, next to Andrew Gillum, his rival in the gubernatorial race last fall) signed a bill prohibiting any sanctuary cities in the Sunshine State.

Senate Bill 168 is officially called “Federal Immigration Enforcement.”

And on Friday, Gov. DeSantis explained he’s proud to take measures to ensure that Florida stays free of sanctuary city locales — and the aiding and abetting for which those cities are known in other areas.

“Earlier this year, I made a promise that we would ban sanctuary cities in Florida and today we are delivering on that promise,” DeSantis wrote on Twitter on Friday. “I am proud to sign the bill presented to me by the FL Legislature to uphold the rule of law and ensure that our communities are safe.”

On May 2, 2019, Bill 168 passed the Florida House by a vote of 68-45; it also passed the Senate 22-18. On June 14, 2019 — Flag Day — DeSantis signed it into law.

The bill outlaws so-called sanctuary city policies and enables “law enforcement agencies to use [their] best efforts to support the enforcement of federal immigration law.”

That’s in stark contrast, of course, to the “Abolish ICE” dogma seen among among sanctuary jurisdictions in America. In essence — unlike California’s sanctuary state declaration and its myriad woes, for example — now Florida’s local governments in all of its 67 counties are banned from providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

Also, as The Wall Street Journal noted, jails that are holding illegal immigrants subject to deportation must now comply with requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold the migrants so that agents can pick them up.

Andrew Gillum, for his part, tweeted out about the news: “In signing this bill, DeSantis is endorsing a dangerous policy that aims to frighten, target, and persecute thousands of families currently enriching our state and country with their talent, culture, and work. This goes against who we are as Floridians, and as Americans.”

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Here is more commentary and reaction from readers on Facebook, Twitter and other forums, as well as some tweets about it. Please share your own thoughts in the comments section below.

“Thank God there are politicians who have some brains.”

“May other governors see the light.”

“Dear Mr. DeSantis: Please come to my state. It’s called California. We could sure use your help.”

“Finally, a governor with guts who stands up for Americans first and doesn’t aid and abet those who are breaking the law! Sanctuary cities are an abomination and all politicians who support them should be defeated and/or voted out!”

“We don’t want Florida turning into San Francisco — human feces all over the street, drug needles, people living on the street.”

“This is wonderful news! Thank you for keeping Florida safe.”

“Good for him. There should be no sanctuary cities at all anywhere in America. Whatever happened to law and order?”

“Well, it’s sad that you even need to sign a law saying you won’t give people breaking the laws of your country all the rights to do so and not work with police to capture criminals, etc. Good on him.”

“Gov. DeSantis, you are Florida’s salvation.”

“I am so happy about” this ban “from Gov. DeSantis. Wish more politicians had common sense. If [Andrew] Gillum had won we would be rolling in illegals.”

“I’m so glad I moved out of New York City when I did — in the nick of time.”

“Thank you, governor of Florida. You make this state proud.”

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