The First Amendment was supposed to guarantee that the entire United States of America is a free speech zone – but, ironically, it’s college campuses where you’re most likely to see that speech silenced, and it’s the far-left on those campuses upholding the anti-speech codes.

Only among far-left activists today can physical violence against those whom they disagree with be justified as “fighting fascism,” while the words of those they disagree with are considered “violence.”

In many college campuses nationwide, free speech is restricted to so-called “free speech zones.” That’s problematic because it’s the entire campus that should be a free speech zone. On many campuses the “zones” are confined to remote parts of campus, rendering them useless for actually promoting a message.

While enforced at hundreds of campuses for years, these “free speech zones” are finally being challenged on First Amendment grounds. How are institutions that receive taxpayer money allowed to ignore the First Amendment after all? For those that have brought lawsuits against their schools for having “free speech zones,” the answer in court has been the same time and time again – they aren’t.

At least one state has realized this, and just voted to do away with them entirely.

According to the Washington Times,

Florida lawmakers have passed a bill that eliminates “free speech zones” at public universities and allows schools to be sued for restricting campus protests.
The Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act of 2018 passed Monday in the House and Senate by votes of 84-28 and 33-5, respectively, sending it to Governor Rick Scott’s desk where it awaits his approval.
Introduced by state Rep. Bob Rommel, Naples Republican, the bill contains a provision that prohibits public universities from establishing so-called “free speech zones” and instead designates generally all outdoor campus areas as “traditional public forums,” effectively keeping colleges from restricting protest activity to certain areas.

What do you think? Are you tired of college “free speech” zones? Tell us your thoughts below!

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