Flashback Video: Weinstein Tells Bill Clinton ‘I Always Learn Amazing Things From You’

Did he ever.

Video has surfaced of Harvey Weinstein, the liberal Hollywood icon and Democrat donor who has been outed as a pervert who spent decades sexually harassing and assaulting multiple women, interviewing former President Bill Clinton.

Weinstein appears to have been filling in for Piers Morgan on CNN at the time. The dueling sexual deviants were actually discussing oppressed women in India. Oppressed women!

As they were signing off, Weinstein dropped a compliment that can be viewed through a very different lens in retrospect.

“I can’t thank you enough for doing this,” he gushed. “And as I said, I always learn amazing things from you.”


What else did you learn from Slick Willie, Harv?

Can you stomach a little more creepiness? Here’s a video of Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence presenting Clinton with a GLAAD award for promoting LGBT equality.

“Lawrence did at one point use the phrase ‘awkward,’ and it made sense considering the presentation they gave,” PJ Media reports. “You can see Weinstein looking her over in a lewd way as the two Hollywood-ites stumble over their lines.”


I mean, holy cow. All we need is to throw in Anthony Weiner and we have a triumvirate of sexual perverts sharing a stage.

In fact, who is the common denominator when it comes to Clinton, Weinstein, and Weiner? Fox News host, Tucker Carlson thinks he knows the answer.

Carlson said none other than Hillary Clinton has played a prominent role in the lives of the three figures alleged to have committed sexual assault or misconduct.

“In fact, she may be the enabler,” he added.

“Why the Hell does [Hillary] have the authority to speak like that when she is married to Bill Clinton, she’s close to Anthony Weiner, and her friend Harvey Weinstein has been accused of rape by three people?” Carlson said referencing her statement on Weinstein a full five days after the story first surfaced.

It’s a fair question. Three men, cut from the same cloth, all surrounding Hillary who is an alleged champion of women amongst Democrats.

What else do you think Weinstein learned from Bill Clinton? Share your thoughts below!

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