Flashback: Gavin Newsom Shipped Homeless People Out of San Francisco With ‘One-Way Tickets’

Gavin Newsom initiated a program called Homeward Bound, designed to ship homeless people out of San Francisco with a 'one-way' bus ticket.
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Governor Gavin Newsom sent a letter to Merrick Garland on Thursday requesting the Attorney General look into “kidnapping” charges for those involved in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ effort to send illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

But if shipping people out of state to try and give them a better life amounts to “kidnapping,” Newsom has some explaining to do.

In July of 2019, SFist published an article critiquing a program called ‘Homeward Bound,’ an effort initiated by Newsom as mayor of San Francisco in 2004.

The program paid for bus tickets out of town, presumably with the destination being to friends and family willing to take the homeless individual in.

SFist, however, described it as a program with a nice name which masks the fact that it “gives unsheltered San Franciscans a one-way Greyhound bus ticket out of town and asks them to please never come back.”

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New York City Did It Too

Like San Francisco, New York City has been kidnapping shipping the homeless off their streets and out of town as well.

A report from KUTV 2 News in 2019 in Salt Lake City claims individuals filling up Utah’s homeless shelters had been coming from the city that never sleeps.

That report was based on a New York Post article which contends then-mayor Bill de Blasio was sharing “its homeless crisis with every corner of America” and doing so without informing officials in the receiving areas what they were doing.

The Post also notes that unlike DeSantis, who is using a budget that earmarked $12 million to transport “unauthorized aliens” out of state, De Blasio was using taxpayer-funded programs to the tune of $89 million to pay their rent to stay in the new location.

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They Want DeSantis and Abbott Charged With Human Trafficking

Odd how these sanctuary cities and their politicians are now outraged that red state governors are shipping people that aren’t simply homeless – but don’t legally have a right to be in the country – to their little sanctuaries.

A rudimentary search on Google indicates that neither Newsom nor de Blasio had been charged with kidnapping.

Despite that history, liberals have stumbled upon their latest ridiculous talking point – DeSantis and Abbott are guilty of kidnapping, or even “human trafficking.”

Countless blue-check Twitter personalities got the memo and made the same ridiculous charges over and over again.

There was no outrage when Newsom shipped homeless people out of San Francisco. There was no rabid response when de Blasio did the same. And when President Biden was flying illegal immigrants across the country – crickets from the Democrats and their media lapdogs.

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