Don’t Try To Rob The First Lady Of Mississippi

first lady of mississippi armed
CLEVELAND, MS - MARCH 04: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and his wife Deborah dance as Dorothy Moore performs at GRAMMY Museum Mississippi on March 4, 2016 in Cleveland, Mississippi. (Photo by WIll Jacks/WireImage)

Note to anyone considering robbing the governor of Mississippi: his wife is armed and ready.

On Tuesday, Gov. Phil Bryant (R) tweeted that there had been a burglary at their farm – and his wife, First Lady Deborah Bryant, was raring to take out the perpetrators. (RELATED: Italian Woman Reminds Us Why Gun Rights Are So Important).

“Had a burglary at our little farm in Copiah County,” Bryant said. “Asked the First Lady not to go down until we find the perpetrators. Her response: I’m taking my AR down and waiting on their a~~~s!!!!”

Translation: Deborah knows her Second Amendment rights, and she’s not going to sit idly by while criminals burglarize her property.

Of course, that’s not how gun-grabbing liberals took Bryant’s tweet:

Seriously, Allison?

Liberals are so blinded by their hatred for guns that they would rather women be victims than have the ability to defend themselves from burglars, rapists, or any other manner of criminal.

It’s despicable, especially considering how loudly Democrats trumpet that they’re the party of women’s empowerment. What’s more empowering than owning a firearm and knowing how to use it? Most women who own guns never even have to fire them – just the sight of a barrel is enough to send a would-be criminal running. But liberals would rather deny women this peace of mind and protection than allow any American to freely enact their Second Amendment rights.

Source: Daily Wire

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