Italian Woman Reminds Us Why Gun Rights Are So Important

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Americans can often take the Second Amendment for granted, even if they do support it. But across the pond, Europeans have lived for years without the right to bear arms – and an Italian woman recently reminded us just why Americans are so lucky to have gun rights.

Twitter user @XianCorleone tweeted a profound statement after watching the recent March For Our Lives protests against gun rights. “Take a European’s advice,” she started. “Last century our governments disarmed us. Now, in Germany & the UK they arrest you for Twitter & [Facebook] posts. Lesson? If the gov’t takes your 2nd Amendment, one day it’ll take your 1st.”

The President of the United States couldn’t have said it better himself.

Many anti-gun liberals – like Parkland survivor Cameron Kasky – think the Second Amendment is archaic, a right that hasn’t been relevant since the Civil War.

But the fact of the matter is that the Second Amendment guarantees all our other rights. Without it, we’d have no way to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government intent on silencing us. And then, people like Kasky – or, more likely, people who disagree with people like Kasky – would not even be able to protest.

Is that really what liberals want? Or do they not even realize the future they’re tempting?

Thankfully, for every anti-gun nut there’s a dozen armed Americans, and we’ll die before our right to bear arms is taken away.

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