First Lady Melania Trump Steals The Show In Second Night Of Republican National Convention

The night belonged to Melania Trump.

Perhaps it’s her grace and shy vulnerability. Maybe it’s her beauty and the fact that the camera loves her. It could be her sense of style and classic fashion.

Melania Was Highlight Of Night 2 Of RNC

Whatever it is, First Lady Melania Trump, with the help of expert lighting and a good speech, was the highlight of a solid convention Tuesday night that lacked the heady emotional punch of the first night but instead focused on working class voices and Heartland values. The mixture worked and will especially play well to swing voters in battleground states.

With a voice-over by Jon Voight and a Jerry Goldsmith “Air Force One”-like score, the show opened up with one of the many poignant and compelling videos that have been interspersed throughout the convention.

The sequence with the pardon of Jon Ponder was superb, as was the former FBI agent who had arrested him and is now his friend. The president shone there and in the immigrant sequence, as he always does in personal encounters. Rand Paul was good, but needed a hairbrush. Maine Lobsterman Jason Joyce brought home a working class message to a state that could be up for grabs.

The messaging and production values are very reminiscent of Reagan ’84 and Hal Riney’s “Morning in America” spot. Aside from the First Lady, the two most powerful female speakers of the night were Cissie Graham Lynch and especially Abby Johnson. Both genuine and heartfelt. Both outstanding.

Pam Bondi was scathing in her denunciation of Biden family corruption, and Nick Sandmann’s hat move at the end of his words was a slap in the face to those who persecuted him. Well played, kid. Actually, by the checkbooks of the liberal media who paid for their slanders, I should say, well played very rich kid.

Mike Pence Was A Standout As Well

Another standout was Vice President Mike Pence. He’s seen as stiff by many and as a 2024 afterthought. But Tuesday his Race Bannon look and downhome sincerity hit it out of the park. His political appeal, certainly in a GOP primary race, should not be underestimated.

Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez gave a fiery anti-socialist talk that hit all the right notes, and Eric Trump trumped his brother’s speech of the night before.

The new star on the block, as was Kimberly Klacik Monday night, was Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. He was perfect. It’s interesting: For a party called racist by the Democrats and the media, the GOP sure has a lot of rising black political stars.

The First Lady Did A Suburb Job

However, as mentioned, the magic moment of the night belonged to the First Lady. Her entrance was lit and choreographed with expertise and attention to detail. She was beautiful but in an appropriate understated way.

And her knowledge is not be discounted. Melania Trump grew up under communism thus she knows the dangers of socialism. Her appeal is not only political, she’s a tremendous asset, but very personal as a mom and wife. Tuesday was the First Lady’s night. The party couldn’t have asked for more:

This piece was written by David Kamioner on August 26, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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