Fiorina Blasts Democrats, Says THIS Is Destroying Black Lives


Carly Fiorina, the Republican presidential candidate who made perhaps the biggest splash during last week’s debates, blasted the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, saying that “all lives matter” and added that black lives have actually been “diminished under Democratic policies.”

Fiorina appeared on Megyn Kelly’s show to discuss the latest unrest in Ferguson, as the county declared a state of emergency on the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.

She said the state of affairs in Ferguson is both dangerous and tragic, citing the shooting in Charleston as an example of how to truly rally a community during dark times.

Kelly prodded her, asking do “black lives matter” or do “all lives matter?” It’s a question that has gotten other candidates in trouble.

Fiorina responded with two points, the first of which answered the question with this succinct response:

“First of all, of course all lives matter.”

Then she explained that black lives have actually been diminished by Democrat policies. Watch …

via Fox News Insider:

“First of all, of course all lives matter,” Fiorina said. “Secondly, black lives have been diminished under Democratic policies. That’s just true.”

She said that African American youth unemployment is up under President Obama, struggling communities have had increased levels of poverty and the education policies of liberals hurt poor families.

“We also know, by the way, that the abortion industry targets African American communities.”

Fiorina has been incredibly on point and sends a strong message that she will make a formidable candidate for President. Her ability to turn the ‘black lives matter’ movement into an explanation on how Democrat policies are actually detrimental to the black community are yet another example of that.

If only more Republican candidates could voice their position on things the way she has been able to.

Are Democrat policies responsible for diminishing lives in the black community?

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