Feminists Unleash Their Fury After Dylan Mulvaney Is Named ‘Woman Of The Year’

Dylan Mulvaney
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Yesterday, we reported that the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, whose partnership with Bud Light has cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars this year, was named “Woman Of The Year” by Attitude Magazine with the support of Virgin Atlantic. Now, feminists have finally had enough, as they are firing back about Mulvaney being given this award in a big way.

Feminist Hit Back At Mulvaney’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ Honor

Mulvaney, 26, flew to London to accept the honor at the Virgin Atlantic-sponsored awards bash earlier this week, saying that it “means so much.”

“Some see me as the woman of the year, some see me as the woman of a year and some change as I only publicly came out online 560 days ago – and some people don’t see me as a woman at all,” Mulvaney added.

The prominent feminist activist Maya Forstater, however, was not having any of it. She accused the awards show of “gaslighting women everywhere” and described Mulvaney’s honor as an “insult.”

“It is an insult to women,” Forstater told Daily Mail. “It is hard to imagine something more misogynist than to pronounce that no woman has achieved anything more significant this year through their work than a man putting on a dress and having cosmetic surgery.”

Other feminists got in on the action as well.

“There are nearly 4B women in the world, and of course Dylan Mulvaney wins ‘Woman of the Year,” lamented TV personality Charly Arnolt, with TV presenter Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp adding, “This is just gaslighting women everywhere.”

The British media personality Piers Morgan agreed, saying, “This is just gaslighting women everywhere.”

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Mulvaney’s Gushing Speech

This came after Mulvaney used the acceptance speech to gloat over overcoming the backlash that came in after Bud Light’s partnership with the transgender influencer cost the company over $400 million in sales and counting.

“Here’s what I’ve realised: No matter how hard I try or what I wear or what I say or what surgeries I get I will never reach an acceptable version of womanhood by those hateful people standards,” Mulvaney said. “But as long as I have the queer community that sees me for my truth, I’m going to be OK.”

“And I’m equally grateful that this title is happening in the U.K. and not just because I am deeply attracted to your accents but I because I came to London on holiday this summer after months of feeling isolated and when I arrived I didn’t feel that baggage that I was carrying in the U.S. and I didn’t feel like the trans beer girl,” the transgender influencer added. “I didn’t walk into rooms and think does that person hate me. I was just another girl walking around in a Burberry trench on her way to a West End musical.”

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Mulvaney’s Transgender Journey 

After being born a boy, Mulvaney became a Broadway star and was appearing in “The Book of Mormon” when the world shut down in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Variety. Mulvaney then went home to a “very conservative family” in San Diego, where the influencer made the decision to change genders and become a woman. Since then, Mulvaney has become a TikTok star and has amassed over 11 million followers on that platform, garnering another 1.7 million on Instagram.

It’s sad that women everywhere are being gaslit into having to accept that Mulvaney is a real woman. We’re glad that feminists are finally starting to fight back, and we hope that more of them start to take a stand for biological women everywhere.

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